Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently already?

I am loving my extra day off!  I needed one.  We went to the Renaissance Faire yesterday!  It is always so much fun, but an extra day to recuperate is a blessing!

My boys just recently earned back their technology privileges, so we are getting our Minecraft fix today!

I need to make something for lunch soon.  I am not in the mood to make something for lunch.  Maybe everyone will just fend for themselves around here today so I can go take my nap!

I have always wanted to go to England!  To be honest, I am hoping when I am there I will be kidnapped by a madman in a blue box!  ;)

I am also a huge Lord of the Rings fan and I am rather obsessed with going to see the place where the movies were filmed.

And Egypt!  I have wanted to go there to see the pyramids since I was little.  I also REALLY want to ride a camel.  Yeah, I know.  I am a little weird.

Well, that's it for what is going on with me currently!  How about you?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

$1 Dog Days Sale? What?

Yup!  The Indiana Teacher bloggers are at it again!  A $1 sale!  Better hurry though, it ends tonight!  Check out these amazing deals!  I have several items up for sale for just $1!  You really can't beat that!

Commas to the Rescue! Comma usage unit        Back to School Pick a Prompt!

Noun Ninjas: Learning about nouns!    October Pick a Prompt!

Click on any of the covers to take you to get your own for only $1!

Check out these other amazing deals from some fabulous Indiana Teacher Bloggers!  

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Working Together Weekend Blog Hop!

Hello there!  I am working together with some of the other amazing bloggers from Who's Who and Who's New to bring you a fun little blog hop with some great "Working Together" freebies!
We all know how important it is for our students to be able to work together in our classroom.  We all spend tons of time at the beginning of the year building our classroom community.  
One thing that I like to do with the kiddos is have them interview someone in the class that they might not know very well.  They often find that they have a lot in common with their classmates!  After we do the interview, I give the kiddos time to write about their new friend and draw a picture of their new friend.  Then, we share our interviews with everyone!  The kiddos love sharing, and hearing what their new friend wrote about them!  It's a win, win, win!
  In order to do this I use this little gem.  Lucky for you, it's free!
Work with me here people!  Please take the time to stop by at my friend Michael Friermood's blog!  He is the Thinker Builder!

The Thinker Builder

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Are you looking for some new ideas for your Writing Workshop time?  Look no further, have I got the deal for you!  Right now on Educents, you can get this amazing bundle of writing stuff for 69% off!  
Beginning of the Year Writing Bundle

This bundle includes my:
 Story Friends product (you can read more about it HERE).
My Classroom Publishing Set (HERE)
My Beginning of the School Year Pick a Prompt Bundle (which includes fun prompts for Back to School, October, November and Anytime)! (HERE)

Right now you get this huge bundle O' writing goodness for $9.99!
But you will need to hurry, because the deal ends tomorrow!
Thanks for check me out!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

First day of school!

Phew!  I know that all of you can sympathize.  I get so tired of hearing myself talk at the beginning of the year!  I always forget how many things there are to teach my new cherubs!  I no sooner start explaining one procedure, when I realize that I have to teach another one!  It's exhausting!

So, let me share with you one of my favorite things to do for the first few days of school.  Playdough!  Now, I know that I am not the only one who does this, but giving the kiddos a small tub of playdough for morning work has been a miracle in my classroom!  Not only does it give them something to do and talk about for morning work on the first day, but when you have early finishers and have not set up your "I'm Done! Now What?" procedures they have something to do at their seats!  This is the second year in a row that I have done this, and it has been awesome!

So, here are a few pics of my classroom for the first day!  I have a smaller class this year (21 vs 26) and I feel like I have a lot more space!  I also have space this year for my "table islands!"  I missed them so much last year.  If you would like to read more about them you can find my original post HERE.

All in all my first day went really, really well!  I have a very adorable group, and I have already had my first birthday celebration for this year!  Have you started school yet?  How did your first day go?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Ideas! Attaching a dry-erase board to a bulletin board!

So, I was working in my classroom (We get kiddos next week!) and was putting my math bulletin board together when inspiration hit!  I wanted dry-erase boards, but couldn't figure out how to get them on my bulletin board.  So, here is the solution I came up with!  You need a small dry-erase board, a binderclip and a pushpin.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Here you can see it in action on my math bulletin board:

This also works using a Command Hook!

Here is a zoomed out photo!

This little green board is dry-erase and magnetic!
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Shark Week Blog Hop!

All teachers know that kids learn more when they’re excited and engaged. Today a team of bloggers come together to help your students take a BITE out of learning with a theme your students are sure to love!

One way that I get my students involved and engaged is by giving them choices whenever I can.  During reading workshop they can choose what order they would like to do their "rounds" in and where they sit to complete their reading tasks.  During Writer's workshop (most of the time) they can choose where to write and what they would like to write about.  During Math Workshop, they can choose their activities based on their math goals.  They are more likely to buy in without a fight because they have a choice!

Another way that I keep them involved and engaged is by doing frequent brain breaks!  This one seems appropriate for this blog hop!

Of course, picking topics the students are interested in always helps, too!
Slide 10.png

My Shark Week freebie is a subtraction game called: Shark Attack!  This is a Bang! type game.
It has subtraction facts from 12-12 to 0-0! 
It can be played with any # of players
Teacher directions
Student directions
Fish (for the backs of ALL the cards)
Subtraction cards 
1 page of Shark Cards!
How to play:
1st player takes a card and answers the question. If he or she is correct, they keep the card. If they are not correct, they put the card back on the bottom of the stack. 
Play follows for next player.
If a player chooses a ZOMBIE card, he/she must put all of their cards back on the bottom of the pile. 
Whoever has the most cards at the end WINS!
 Shark Attack!  A fun subtraction game!

Click HERE to try it out!

Be sure to go for a swim in the linky party below. Every blog in the Shark Week Blog Hop features a fishy freebie for you and your students- but hurry! Shark Week only lasts until Sunday, August 17th  : )

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