Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mentor Sentences!

Oh my goodness!  I couldn't be more excited to share with you this fun product that I had the privilege of trying out in my classroom!
Mentor Sentences Unit: Second 10 Weeks (Grade 2)

I had never heard of mentor sentences before, when I came across this blog post by Ideas by Jivey.  I was intrigued.  At first I thought that this would work well with older kiddos, but let me tell you, my kiddos were champs with the one that we worked on in class!  
Ideas by Jivey

At this time of year we start working on Folk tales and Fairy tales, so I chose The Three Snow Bears by Jan Brett.

We started by reading and enjoying this wonderful book.  Then, during Writer's Workshop time we started talking about mentor sentences.
They liked the story about my having a mentor teacher to help show me the way when I was a new teacher (they had a hard time believing I was ever new).  They got the concept pretty quick, so I showed them the sentence and invited them to notice things about the sentence.  They noticed a lot!

We talked about capitals!  We talked about periods!  We talked about nouns, verbs, and (gasp!) collective nouns!  We even talked about past tense and adjectives!  I was very proud of my kiddos! Now, did they use those precise words?  Some!  We used noun, and adjective, capital letter and telling sentence.  But, one precocious little darling pointed out that a family was a group!  That opened up the conversation about collective nouns very nicely thank you very much!

So, next Writer's Workshop we read the book: 

A Cache of Jewels by Ruth Heller.

This book has all different sorts of collective nouns.  We really enjoyed this one! Their favorite was "a bevy of beauties".

So, the next day I gave everyone their own copy of the sentence to glue into their notebooks. We labeled all of the parts that we could.  They love saying big words like collective noun and possessive pronouns.

The next time we discussed our mentor sentence we revised it.  Revising can be a really tough for second graders, so we tried adding an adjective.  This little darling added a few things and I think that she did a marvelous job!

A polar bear family had just started to eat their delicious soup.  Yum!
The last day of our mentor sentence adventure the kiddos were to write their own sentence modeled after the mentor sentence.  It was a lot of fun to see what the kiddos came up with!

The flock of birds were flying south for the winter.

A third grade class had just started to read in their dictionaries.

My kiddos did an amazing job with this mentor sentence!  I am so glad that I got to try this out! I will definitely be using these again...a lot! 
Ooooooooo!  and the best part is, I am giving away Jivey's first set of mentor sentences!

Mentor Sentences Unit: First 10 Weeks (Grade 2)

and, your kiddos can use their wonderful new sentence writing skills using my newest product:

Writing: Just for Fun Pick a Prompt

Enter to win both of them below!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers are Heroes!

I have been WAITING for this sale!  My cart is FULL!
This little linky is to show off some of the things that we are planning to buy with this sale!  Hurray!

Text Evidence Reading Passages BIOGRAPHY Edition

I love these Text Evidence Reading Passages by Miss DeCarbo.  I have all of her other sets except this one!  I can't wait!

Interactive Social Studies Journals {K-2}

I have not yet delved into Interactive Notebooks, but I am looking forward to it!  I can't wait to try these Social Studies Journals by Primary Graffiti!

Literary Genres Cartoon Clipart

Aren't these adorable?  I so NEED these fun little clips by Ron Leishman.

What are other teacher buying?  Check them out here:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Win a MobyMax Tablet!

Have I mentioned before that my kiddos really enjoy MobyMax?  The wonderful folks over at MobyMax recently sent me a tablet to try!  Yup, a tablet!  The kiddos were soooo excited.  We have been using the web edition for a while now and they really enjoy it, so when they found out we got a tablet they were thrilled!  

It is a good size and lightweight. 
Here is a picture of the MobyMax tablet next to my Samsung tablet.  It is easy to use and the kiddos can use it anywhere because it is a tablet!

Would you like to have one for your classroom?  Of course you would!  Just enter in the Rafflecoptor below!  Good luck!  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Real Teachers of Blog County: Hoarders edition!

Welcome to the February edition of the Real Teachers of Blog County!
Hoarder is kind of a harsh sounding word isn't it?
But I have a confession.
I am a children's book hoarder and I am passing that affliction passion down to my boys! (This is just what I found under my older son's pillow).  He sleeps with 15-20 books per night.  "Just in case"...

I have to tell you.  

My husband is (GASP) not a school guy.  He didn't have good school experiences growing up, so it is really hard to get him to come in to school.  So, when I told him that I buy books to build up my classroom library he was perfectly okay with that.  He is a reader, he gets it!  He wishes that he had more choices of things to read when he was in school.

That was all fine and dandy when he wasn't ever coming into school.  Well!  Then, he had to come in to bring our sons to a reading event where he got to see other classrooms. (no, the pictures don't overlap).

He was a bit taken aback at the size of my "Classroom Library" when compared to many others in the building.

Mine is pretty extensive. I could not get all of my books into one picture.  The yellow and blue boxes are my fiction collection. The green boxes are my (sad) non-fiction collection.

Yup, I got in trouble.

Would you like to join us and link up?  Here are the "rules": 
1. Use the graphic above at the top of your blog post.
2.Once you link up please visit 2 other blogs and leave meaningful comments!  We all love comments!
3. Please link up your "The Real Teachers of "Blog County" post directly.  Please don't link to products or your store!  
Thank you Real Teacher Bloggers!  

Next month's topic will be: Pet Peeves:  What is something that really bothers you in the classroom? I will be post on second Wednesday of each month. Next month will be March 11!  Thanks for stopping by and linking up!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Who's Who?

I am blogging today over at Who's Who and Who's New about giving kiddos choice in the classroom!  So...for today all of my Pick a Prompt Products (including the HUGE bundle) will be 20% off!  Go on over and check it out!


Click on the picture to go to my store and check out my Pick a Prompts!
Writing:  The ULTIMATE Pick a Prompt Bundle!  ALL of my Pi

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!  :)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Peek at Last Week...(psst...there might be a freebie!)

Phew!  The only way I can describe my last few weeks is BUSY!  Things have been crazy around here!

Being a teacher now a days you cannot avoid testing!  I was out to do some Mclass testing with my kiddos.  This is the one test that I really don't mind administering (even though it takes me out of my classroom) because I get great info about how my kiddos are reading.  I hate being out of my classroom, but the information I get is invaluable!

We finished up our "unit" on Making Mental Images with a craftivity!  I wish we had more time to do fun stuff like this!  The kiddos had a ball! (I also have a freebie in my store if you are interested!  Just click on the picture!)

We finally got outside for recess!  Nothing like a little fresh air and sunshine!

I also decided to tackle my book hospital.  It is looking much better than this picture!

Did you know that my store is on sale?  Yup, everything is 20%, plus a mystery $1 item.  

The next Real Teachers of Blog County is coming up as well!
Join us on Feb. 11 for the Hoarder Edition!  What is your favorite "teacher" item that you cannot get enough of?

Thanks for stopping by to Peek at my Week!

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